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March 26, 2009


The the million dollar question (issue) will be over pay .

Has any other FAA employee had their pay cut 30% the last 3yrs ??

Has any other FAA employee had their pay frozen the last 3yrs ??

Has any other Federal employee had their pay cut 30% the last 3yrs ??

Has any other Federal employee had their pay frozen the last 3yrs ??

If it was really about the cost structure & the budgets of the FAA/ATO then
why has no other group ( management ?!? ) shared in the sacrifice ???????

a GS-14 at ZHU in 1998 made $69,000 - 90,000

a GS-15 at ZHU in 1998 made $81,000 - 106,000

a GS-14 in Houston 2009 earns $107,000 - 139,000

a GS-15 in Houston 2009 earns $126,000 - 153,000

national base AT-11 pay band is $71500 - 102800

a newly certified CPC at ZHU currently starts at $92,000

the top of the CPC band is $132000

adjusted for inflation a new CPC makes less than one did 11yrs ago

$69,000 in 1998 dollars adjusted for inflation to 2009 is about $95,600
(that’s a fairly conservative 3% estimate)

a newly minted FLM at ZHU starts at $158,000-160,000

the top of the FLM pay is $177,000

$81,000 in 1998 dollars adjusted for inflation to 2009 is about $112,200

that’s about a 72% - 92% pay disparity from a new CPC to a FLM

even at the top of the band it’s a 26% difference

When in the 42 history of the FAA has a first line operations supervisor
ever made 75% more than a controller ?????

are FLMs 74-92% more productive than CPCs ??

are FLMs 74-92% more efficient than CPCs ??

are FLMs 74-92% more essential to the mission of the ATO than CPCs ??

Where in the private sector does a first line manager make 72-92% more than
the employees he/she supervises ??

Often when I come in to work Sunday mornings at 7am there’s 3 FLMs at
the sups desk “supervising” 7-10 CPCs

that’s $480-530k managing 7-10 people !!

Where in the private sector are the staffing ratios like that ???

It may be an uphill battle in the current economic environment but
NATCA needs to bring this issue front & center to the FAA an do their best
to rectify the pay issue !!!






Keep on keepin' on, I enjoy readin your blog, you still got it!

P.S.-You really ought to visit, CLE misses you.

NATCA needs to STEP UP and demand a full and immediate retraction and apology for this Frank guy questioning on a public government site the mental capacity of an active controller that needs a medical to make a living.

To suggest that Kevin has or may have underlying anger issues that may require professional help is a diagnosis that should only be made by a medical professional. What next, supervisors posting on the FAA public site the names of controllers they think may be doing drugs. It is damaging and libelous.

What is even more scary than Mr. Whittens comments is the fact that the FAA thinks it is OK to post this on a public website for all to see.

Mr. Whitten and the FAA need to retract the statement, and publicly apologize immediately.

here’s a bit of info

Frank’s “capped” salary

2006 165,200

2007 168,000

2008 172,200

2009 177,000

more to come ……

Can you say Gordon Edmiston (ANC/A11, checked out on nothing, yet in charge)? Or his other names, Chrome Dome, or cluless, or box'rocks, melon head, dumb ass, or? Well you get the point.

As I read this blog and get my daily dose of comic relief, and stay informed better than my own union keeps me. I am reminded of a wonderful memory of numerous days an nights at the firing range during my time in the military. And as the Obama administration takes aim at there targets ( FAA Management) I thought Mrs. Carr would enjoy this.

Ready on the left.
Ready on the right.
Ready on the firing line.
Commence rounds down range.
There are enough targets for everyone, which includes u to now MRS Carr.

Mr. Whittless you have forgotten rule number 1, never ever fuck with our families, not even a little.
For when JTB worked countless hours as a controller late shifts, flex, swing's and mids. And then as the LEADER of NATCA who the hell do you think held down the fort and took care of things while JTB was slaving away at the radar scopes or late nights at NATCA HQ. Well of course his wife you dip shit puss nuts pencil dick muther fukker. Our spouses take the brunt of the path we have chosen. From taking care of the new born child why we work a 6-2 then come in for the mid. Who takes little Billy to all his t-ball practices that we cant make because we are already working 10 hours a day with mandatory overtime on the sixth day. Yea it’s great to have extra money, but what the hell is the point if you can’t enjoy it with your family. JTB I know you are fully capable of defending Mrs. Carr just thought it needed to be said. After all it truly is our spouses that hear and help us get through what we deal with daily.

So to summarize Mr. Whittless Ballsaccer

That little white speck on the top of chicken shit.

Damn John,
You screwed up.

That reply to FG was an outstanding post in it's own right.

Good Blogs today from both you and the Follies.

JTB, you knocked that one out of the park!

It's too bad that this isn't an isolated case of a rogue FLeM. There are a lot of Frank Whitens out in the field and they can make an assistant manager at McDonald's cringe at their piss-poor management styles.

Unfortunately Whiten will probably get a promotion for writing this garbage.

Clay J, you are correct. Vella's only goal in life is to make Mel and Ron look bad and fail in their NATCA duties. He is worse than a supervisor. I cannot believe he was the FACREP and one time. No wonder SCT was so F'D up when he was in office.

Please give Alanis Morissette the credit for "Friend With Benefits", in the song "Head Over Feet". It's possible that Alanis may not have coined the phrase, and therefore the phrase may not be Canadian in origin - but given how many pre-download copies of "Jagged Little Pill" (1995) Alanis sold, I think she gets the distributor credit at least:
(Time-Code 02:48).
I hear that that song used to play in heavy rotation at New York's Knickerbocker Yacht Club, by the way.

He has, at least twice, threatened terminations "off the cuff".

File the paperwork on a Hostile Work Environment.

This guy is the definition of the term, and if those working under him file (just on his posts alone, let alone statements of personal interactions), then the FAA WILL HAVE TO ADDRESS THE ISSUE, and maybe he will receive discipline or training.

Don't put up with his crap. He is breaking the law. Report it. Report it now.

Tell him George sent ya!!!

John, you should post the Tom Cassady Mission Statement from when he worked at ZMA. Let everyone see that it's not just knuckleheads like this guy, but this attitude exists all the way to the upper levels of management, is in writing, and there is no accountability of any kind.

As a matter of fact, Cassady was promoted. If you don't have the document (amongst the numerous items you have collected over time) I can send it to you.

Jim Marinitti
MIA Facility Representative

I've worked with "leaders" like Frank for some time. It's not easy.

That FG comment had management (Frank like clone) written all over it and once again JTB (that's "Johnny The Bull" in all his glory) strikes back in stellar fashion. I beleive that was 5.9% we got last year John.
Fact remains most of us with over 20 years experience would still be behind the screens and in the Towers if it weren't for the Imposed work rules and the failed culture change.

Yes Marion we can and will leave, contrary to your testimony to Congress, and many/most of us did.
another MDW (million dollar walker)

John...I always enjoy your perspective. Thank you.

Frank...there's nothing wrong with admitting that you're wrong; in fact, it's the mark of a real man and a leader too.

Thanks, John. I'm glad to have in some way been able to play a part in helping you and Paul shine the light on what has become way too much of a distraction for those of us who don't mind doing the heavy lifting in the world of ATC.

Frank, there's nothing wrong in being able to admit that you're wrong; in fact, it's the mark of a real man.

Dear FG,

I was making a hell of a lot more than a hundred grand, son. And I got 54%. In fact...at a 2% COLA per year (last years, 5.something%) I will have a six figure annuity in five years.

I don't demonize the agency my friend. I report on the agency's utter incompetence, lawlessness and desperate, pathetic, childish, mean-spirited culture of incompetence in the agency's dead-fish-bloated management ranks. I am like a Marine: I am either your best friend or your worst enemy.

If this stupid agency was worth a plum nickel I would be the very best cheerleader. See how much we got accomplished during Garvey, for example. But over the last eight years the President salted every corner of government with a gestapo force of unspeakable porportions, from the FLRA to the heads of agencies. Bush and Co. did not intend to make life hard for labor: they intended to exterminate them. "How To Serve The Workforce" isn't a help book for new managers, it's a fucking COOKBOOK.

As for how hard I worked....bio available on request. But know this: The agency didn't give me a damn thing. Not one. I earned everything they gave me and much more. You'll see. I wonder what price tag you will put on your shortened life. And as far as the agency...I was looking for a good job when I found that one. I put my career on the line most of the time I was there, trying to improve things from within and without. If I had lost the job I would have gotten another. And so on. I still can get any work I want, so that idea is more appealing than distressing.

Were things that bad, you ask? If you aren't hip to that scene by now you are never going to be. Look around. Read. Figure it out. Things are bad, dude. But it's only the safety of the American public we're talking about. A supervisor forgets to use a paperclip on the logs. Bad sup. A controller misses a pilot saying "five" instead of "nine." Three hundred dead people. And when they're not on position, let's fuck with them. Yeah....it's that bad. That's why everyone is LEAVING, sunshine. From new hires telling you to shove it to us oldtimers taking our (substantial) money and heading for the beach, NOBODY wants to work in the rat-infested shithole that the FAA has become.

You suggest I "tell" my wife something. I've got an idea: Why don't YOU "tell" her. Let me know where to mail your ball sac. I'll get it off her rear view mirror when she isn't looking. She'll whip your ass so hard that by the time you quit rolling your clothes might finally be in style.

You can give me any nickname you want lil' feller. I wasn't burdened with a concience so most of your feedback is like a sternly worded letter to the White Star Line. Good luck with that.



Thanks for thinking about us John.You nailed it once again.I wonder how many Franks are out there?I am not going to post my real name.I work at the same facility but on the right side of the law.I am just one of the whiners/complainers and once proud Air Traffic Controllers.My symptoms started September 3rd 2006 and still have not improved.


This is why I read The Main Bang everyday.

Best regards,


(Old guy rolls out of bed and stumbles to his computer)

Back in 81' many of us vowed that we would never, ever, work for the FAA or a similar employer again. Since that decision, life has been wonderful!

It continues to amaze me that so many talented people would continue to spend the best years of their lives working under the conditions described in these posts.

As previously stated, it's similar to the 'battered spouse syndrome".

My over 30 years working background covers private and Government. Air Force/DOD and the FAA. GE/RCA working for an airline and running my own business. I can say with no doubt or hesitation the FAA has the largest group of worthless pathetic management on the face of the Earth. I have never seen in my life a more top heavy waste of tax money than the ranks of FAA Management. FAA HQ should be bulldozed and 75 percent or more of FAA managers and supervisors should be terminated. The dribble running down my leg called Frank is a good example of how pathetic and worthless FAA managers are. IF? I was in FAA management I would shoot myself in the head or poke hot forks in my eye one or the other. I don't know how most of those human buckets of waste live with themselves. If they(FAA managers and supervisors) got a real job it would kill them or it would involve "Do you want fries with that". What a sad waste of human resource shit.


How can I comment? Perfect example of an imperfect, runaway, unaccountable FAA management mindset.


Nice job JTB, once again.

Great stuff, JTB, the kind of stuff I come here to read. It's so enlightening to see the cockroaches scurrying in fear when the light is shone on them. Whitten, you are one helluva jackass!

I know Kevin through the internet only as we are separated by geography. But I can tell you that as I have come to know him as we read and occasionally comment on each other's blogs, any facility would be blessed to have multiple employees like Kevin, a man of integrity and intelligence. Whitten wouldn't know a good employee if he came up and kicked him in the ass!

The FAA breeds idiots like this. Every facility must have a few. I can name about 20 at SCT but what is really scary is one of the ex FACREPS at SCT.(Hint ....it is not Steve Merlin) It seems he does not like the current FACREP and VP so he is going out of his way to TRY and make trouble for them. I know he reads this blog and I hope he now realizes that he is about to be exposed for who and what he really is. You are not fooling anyone but yourself and sooner or later KARMA will catch up with you. You should be ashamed of yourself.
There is a reason I don't talk to you at work anymore. You Fu%&ing traitor.

You retired making over 100k. I don't know what percentage of that you will get in your retirement and I don't care. You constantly demonize the agency that provided you with the retirement that you currently have. Yes you worked your ass off for it I know. You still must be thankful for having the opportunity to work for the FAA to give you this carrer in the first place. Do you ever complain around anyone that has just lost their job in this economy. Were you that wronged? Were things that bad? If so, tell your wife to quit this awful agency that she EARNS her nice salary in.
You make fun of a man that suggest a four day work week. I have had this conversation about alternative work schedules in the radar room with many of my fellow controllers.
We should change your nickname from JTB to Jonny the Complainer!

Frank Wit-less says he's "finally" being compensated to blah, blah, blah.

I've been a controller with FAA for 21 + years and sups and managers have always made more in base salary than controllers. So I don't know what Wit-less is talking about here. Naturally he doesn't thank NATCA for pay reclass and getting him to the 177K federal max (or close to it) he "earns" today.

The rest of his condescending diatribe is a clear sign these FAAMA blowhards know the Obama WH is going to upset their little tea party soon.

Sorry Frankie, your hero Bush doesn't get to play POTUS anymore. Change is coming, get ready for it.


Spot on brother. This knucklehead is a shining example of all that is wrong with the FAA. He is an embarrassment to my profession. He is a classic example of a career management dweeb that has completely lost sight of reality. Thanks for pointing this out to the world.

Would someone please print this brillant piece and hand deliver it to Frankie? Let us know his reaction.

Oh Yeah. A new term "Frank Whitten". Yeah, we have some of those too. Can't wait for our Frank Whittens to get the axe. They're all pieces of shit.


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